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Air intake valve group and air make up valve group

Air intake valve group and Air make up valve group are mainly used for adjusting the compressed air to the setting output pressure and flow, boost the pressure of transmitter and ash pipe to help boosting the delivery of materials.

Common size includes DN50, DN100, DN150.

Air make up ring

Air make up ring is mainly set at the outlet of transmitter, supplies pressure in the pipeline during material conveying by making the material in a suspension state ,it is conductive to the material conveying and reducing the abrasion between material and pipeline to ease the wear of pipeline.

Common size includes DN80, DN100, DN150, DN200, DN250.

Pressure vacuum relief valve

Pressure vacuum relief valve is installed on the top of the ash storage, works continuously. React immediately to the high pressure or negative pressure of ash storage to adjust the working pressure of ash storage to normal range. Protect the ash storage from over high or negative pressure. The features of this valve of moving reliably, sealed well seal and having long service life make it the essential and important device for ash storage system.