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Baffle door

Our baffle door is independent developed and researched by absorbing advance technology at home and abroad and combining our years of FGD project experience and strong design and manufacture ability.

Main advantages:

1. High reliability: Use international famous brand for key parts and materials; open and close flexibly; reliable in work.

2. All-round corrosion protection: Inner side is lined with imported specializing wear resistant alloy. The outer surface is anti-corrosion by shot peening and painting, and has no anti-corrosion dead angle, which fully guarantees the service life.

3. Zero Leakage: Double blade and air sealing blocks the materials at both sides effectively.

4. Unique blade structure: Make sure the device has small resistance against the system.

5. With torque protection and limit measures: The louver door is equipped with a switch positioning interlocking device and an external travel switch to ensure reliable operation and prevent misoperation.

6. Advance design philosophy: Computer 3D design and finite element guarantees that the structure of parts is reasonable and advanced

7. Designed by modular: There can be various combinations depends on the customers’ requirement, or it can be designed particularly.