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Nonmetal expansion joint


The kind and component of medium is extremely important for the design of nonmetal expansion joint.


Temperature is the key factor that affects the nonmetal expansion joint insulating layer, structure and covering material.

Working temperature/environmental temperature/failure temperature/dew point temperature while in corrosive medium


The pressure will determine the non-metallic skin , the tightness pattern and the layer number of the skin. We need to know:

Positive pressure and negative pressure/operation pressure/failure pressure/pressure pulse


Consider displacement under the following occasions:

Axial compression/axial extension/side displacement/angle displacement

Join method

Different application occasions correspond to various join methods.

Flanged at both end/welded at both end/one end flanged and one end welded

Guide plate

The purpose of using guide plate is:

Prevent wear particle/prevent dust accumulation/improve flow efficiency/support and protect insulation

Installation position

Is this a new project or just for repair.

The arrangement of gas flue (horizontal, vertical or inclined)

Flowing direction of media (upwards or downwards)

Do we have enough craning ability?

Do we have enough space for the installation of nonmetal expansion joint?

1.Nonmetal expansion joint used in hot air duct of coal-fired power station(2×900MW)

2. The biggies nonmetal expansion joint in Chins used in Waigaoqiao Phase 2. 

3. Thin film expansion joint used in CFB hot flue duct.

4. Nonmetal expansion joint used in the export of coal mill of power station.

5. Thin film expansion joint used in FGD equipment..