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FGD absorbing tower, gas flue

Non-standard equipment of FGD (flue gas desulfurization) system includes absorbing tower body, tanks and gas flue. Absorbing tower is the key equipment of FGD system, the design and manufacture quality will affect the normal operation of whole system directl .

Main advantages:

1. Advance Technology

2. Strict technical measures:

3. Complete production and inspection equipments: Besides normal production equipments, underwater CNC plasma cutting machine, large plate rolling machine, welding groove milling machine are equipped.

4. Shot peening paint spraying room and non - destructive inspection equipment

5. Perfect anti-corrosion measures: After shot blasting, painting treatment, equipment with anti-corrosion requirements inside will be re-blasted on site and treated with anti-corrosion treatment.

6. Comprehensive quality assurance:  The process of design, manufacturing, installation is carried out strictly following the ISO9000 system.

7. Our company has rich experience of design, manufacturing, installation and inspection , and can provide our customers with full service of design ,manufacturing and installation.