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Double Disc Gate Valve

Double Disc Gate Valve

Z664H type double disc gate valve is using technology ‘Armstrong’ introduced from Australia. And it’s successfully developed by researchers for many years. This valve uses double disc, and uses wear-resisting metal for sealing pair.

1. Applications

Double Disc Gate Valve can be used as feeding valve or discharge valve on conveying pumps of ash handling system in thermal power plant, or used for open and close on pipes that conveying dry powder, water and steam in mining ,paper making and chemical industry.

2. Characteristics

1) There is no blocking at the material port. The valve is equipped with blowing device, and there is less ash accumulation.

2) Use metal for sealing with high using temperature.

3) Good wear resistance, Long service life.

4) The display of switch position is accurate.

5) The valve can be installed at any position or angle.

3. Main Technical Parameters

Nominal Pressure:1.0 MPa    Media Temperature :≤400℃

Strength Test:1.5MPa        Leakage Test:1.1MPa


4. Key Points of Installation

1) Read the specification carefully before installations, and check the model number, nominal diameter and technical parameters.

2) Flange welding is not allowed after the valve is installed. The space reserved for valve installation shall be suitable and spacers shall be set on both sides of the flange.

3) Both pipe centers and valve centers shall be coaxial, flange surface shall be flat and without large tilt.Fasten the bolts symmetrically to ensure the tight and proper functioning of valves.

5. Size table and outline drawings 

6. Common fault and Treatments